Use Water as Fuel.

Clean and green technology.

We are manufacturer of innovative, clean and green technology based Welding and Brazing machines. Our machine replaces fossil fuels (LPG, Oxy-Acetylene, etc) from industrial processes like Micro Precision Welding, Brazing, Cutting, Acrylic Polishing, Dental repairs, jewellery making/ repairs, wax processing, soldering thermocouple junctions. It consumes only water and electricity and offers clean, super-high temperature flame combined with ease of use making it the ideal tool for industries.

  • Ease of operation
  • Risks of flammable gas storage eliminated.
  • Reduced costs of operations.
  • Carbon-free working environment.

Our Clients

AquaWelder finds Applications in numerous real-life applications, which needs freedom from Carbon generation and hazards of using fossil fules.

Electric Motor manufacturing
HVAC manufacturing
Acrylic Polishing
Trasformer manufacturing
Investment casting
Glass manufacturing
Optical Repairs
Jewellery manufacturing